Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The last two weeks have been full on rain and the flippin' bite has picked up with the "new" and "cooler" water entering the system. We follow the rise and fall of the water on the Kissimmee Chain as well as Lake Okeechobee before we head to one of those as it will give us a little extra info to what the water is doing and might clue us in on fish movement. Now, we do like to fish moving water and it seems on Lake O or on the chain we can get into some active fish when we have water movement from them draining or filling the lakes. The up and down cycle is controlled by the army corps and they hedge their bets on the hurricane season every year on how much to drop the water... Just as with all weather predictions, they are never right and always playing catch up whether the lake is too high or empty. Either way, we get what they give us and try to use it to our advantage as much as possible.

Now for the fishing! I was working a flippin' and mat punching bite as the sea of hydrilla would meet up with a mat or a group of pads. Typically, the hydrilla does not grow at the base of the pads or underneath a mat that has been stationary for a period of time. The bass then use these voids in the hydrilla when associated with a mat or isolated group of pads as an area to get in the shade and ambush prey.

The two techniques, as I explained in the video was using a heavy punching setup and a light flipping set up. The heavy set up was a MHX Rods FP937 with a Abu Garcia Revo SX spooled with 65lb Power Pro, a Gambler Lures Burner Craw on a 4/0 Hack Attack flippin' hook, Picasso 1.5oz. tungsten and a 6th Sense Peg-X.

The light flippin' setup was The heavy set up was a MHX Rods FP885 with a Abu Garcia Revo SX spooled with 50lb Power Pro, a Gambler Lures Fat Ace on a 5/0 Gamakatsu Heavy Cover Flippin' HookPicasso 1/2oz. tungsten and a 6th Sense Peg-X.

Check out the Video where it all goes down. Hope you enjoy: Florida Giants 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

With all the rain going on in Florida it can certainly make for some incredible shallow water fishing whether throwing a swim jig or flipping. Our fish love when they get some new, cooler water entering the system and it can put them into feed mode. I ventured down to Lake Kissimmee on Saturday August 1st and took the swim jig and two flipping rods. One flipping Rod, the MHX FP936 I had rigged with a Picasso 1.25oz tungsten and a Gambler BB Cricket. Even though the cricket is something that excels in the winter as a smaller compact bait, I always have one tied on. Its a confidence thing. The other MHX Flippin rod, FP937, had a Picasso 1.5oz and a Gambler Burner Craw.  The Burner craws slides through mats with ease and has a little more action with its claws than just a plain beaver style bait. Like I mentioned with the rain and the weather those fish are ready to eat so having something with some action is typically a good thing. Check out the #15secondfishcatch from Lake Kissimmee that landed a 9.26lb and a Florida certified Trophy Catch.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Angler's Perspective on Custom Rod Building: Part 1 Tools of the Trade

In the intro we spoke about what the two most common questions we get in regards to rod building. Before the building begins, you need to understand what tools you will need. There are a few necessary items and then others we will go over that can be options to either make your life a little easier as a builder and will give away some tips and little "hacks" y'all might like.

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Here is Part 1: Tools of the Trade

Angler's Perspective on Custom Rod Building

A close friend of mine, tournament partner and college angler, Hunter McKamey sat down with me to brain storm about how to bring more rod building knowledge to other anglers. We sat down and made a list of the most popular questions we get from social media followers, friends and anyone else who inquires about rod building. Taking those questions along with the tips and tricks we have picked up along the way from our rod building mentors we decided to put together a video series to help that first time rod builder as well as maybe give an extra tip or two to those already building.

So here it is, the introduction to the series; An Angler's Perspective on Custom Rod Building.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Drop Shot Rod

As the winter continues... I am hoping and praying that when I am west bound and down to Jasper, AL for the Southern Open in a couple weeks the "winter vortex" will have spun its way back up to Canada where it belongs. As I prep for the event I am switching gears from my normal flipping, pitching, heavy cover florida routine and getting out the finesse stuff, which I surprising enjoy as a change of pace.  I am planning on drop shot, shaky head, jerkabit routine for this Open and will have that dreaded A-Rig ready if I need to pull it out.

Since we are on the subject of finesse I wanted to walk you through my custom build on the MHX DS822 Blank. This rod is the High Modulus version which makes it lighter and more sensitive than the original. It is 6' 10" and rated for 6lb-14lb line and I run all braid to a Sunline Fluorocarbon leader for all my finesse and light saltwater applications. I ran the American Tackle Microwave guide system on this rod as I have fished it on other rods and have been impressed with the performance that match their claims. I know this video comes in at 16 minutes but I wanted to give a full explanation as I have had a few questions as of late about the spinning rods in my arsenal.  You can find all the blanks and components for this and all my other rods at Mudhole Tackle.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New for 2014

Good Morning and Happy New Year (15 days late). 2014 began just as busy as 2013 ended; working on the company website, producing the destination catalog and prepping to travel to Dallas and Vegas for the Safari International Trade shows. In the mean time I did get a chance to get on the water to fish and shoot some video in which I compiled a 2014 Intro video. A few new additions for this year as I have joined Gambler Lures as a team member along with one or two that I can not quite announce yet. I am very proud to be associated with such excellent products and companies alike. Look out for me next week fishing the BASS Southern open on Toho and then in March as the Southern Open makes its return to Lewis-Smith Lake in Jasper Alabama.  I would like to give a shout out to my good friend and tournament partner Hunter McKamey for winning the BASS College Series on Lake Okeechobee a couple weeks ago. You can follow him on Facebook at Hunter McKamey Fishing.

So, without further adieu, Lets usher in the 2014 Season.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

As many of you know my sister is the one with the excellent writing genes in the family and I just wanted to pass along her blog she wrote about me taking Jared(my brother in-law) on a trip to South America for wingshooting.

Here is Part 1- http://jaredandjackiroche.blogspot.com/2013/07/south-america-hunt-argentina.html

Here is Part 2- http://jaredandjackiroche.blogspot.com/2013/07/south-america-hunt-uruguay.html